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SL.No     Training Name
01 Safety in Electrical Utility  (NBT-001).
02 Disaster Management (NBT-006)
03 Basic Computer Internet & Intranet (007)
04 Opperation, Maintenance & Repair of Transformers for PBS Empoyees (NBT-009)
05 Opperation, Maintenance & Repair of Voltage Regulators  for PBS Empoyees (NBT-010)
06 Opperation & Maintenance of Generator &(NBT-011).
07 Distribution  Line Staking (NBT012)
08 Ensuring Proper Permanent & temporary grounding for secure life while work in PBS Distribution line & equipments (NBT013)
09 Opperation ,Maintenance & Repair of  circuit breaker with relay & protective system of 33KV switching station (NBT-019)
10 HT & LT Metering with CT/PT and Checking of Proper Connectivity (NBT020).
11 Installation & Inspection of Pre-payment Energy Meter (NBT042)
12 Installation & Inspection of Two Part Tariff Energy Meter (NBT042)